Redpanti Survey Results

Almost half of menstruators (48%) are not aware of reusable products.

A few months ago we launched a survey to better understand the use of menstrual products.

The results are surprising and give great credence to the need for platforms like Redpanti.

You can still give us your opinion completing the survey here.

Our main findings are:

  1. Most commonly used products are tampons (68%) followed by sanitary pads (60%) and pantyliners (56%).
  2. The menstrual cup already represents a significant portion of use: 41% of respondents use it.
  3. However, almost half (48%) are not aware of reusable period products: cup, menstrual underwear, washable pads.
  4. The 3 most important factors in the choice of a period product are: comfort, prolonged use without changing, easy to carry around.
  5. It is difficult to break habits which is why 47% still use single-use products. Easy access to these products is also important to 29% of respondents.
  6. To reduce the negative environmental impact of single-use products and reduce plastic usage are the key reasons to use reusable products.
  7. Reusable products save money which is important to 29% of respondents who use reusable products.

The full results can be found (in spanish) here.