There are no tampons in my trash-can

There are no tampons in my trash-can. A year ago I said goodbye to these and also sanitary pads. This change coincides and is the result of my starting to use the menstrual cup. I don't miss the tampons nor the pads. When I go into my bathroom during my period I don't have a pile of used products to throw away, it's cleaner and simpler.

Inadequate toilet facilities. I remember, not so long ago, reflecting on the fact there were still public toilets without a toilet bin within the toilet cubicle. This seemed badly thought-out and inconsiderate for people who menstruate (only 40% of the population at any given point). What does one do with used pads/tampons? Now that I use the menstrual cup I have the next version of this question: How can a wash basin be missing inside the cubicle? Where to wash the menstrual cup?

Letting-go of unwanted baggage as I shared in my last blog post, when I adopted the use of the menstrual cup I was still using pantyliners. I did not know how to replace them initially, and Google helped me, only a little... You can test yourself now and search for "period underwear" and most likely you will see several adverts and very little clear information. This spurred me on to create Redpanti.

My trial and error with period underwear. My online research revealed some questions. Why were the materials composition of the panties unclear? How did period underwear work? Why such few brands? Then there was the confusing information: similar photos of product that appeared across pages but for different brands & different materials. Another thorny issues, the washing of the underwear. Some sites said by hand, others only with cold water, other machine-washing. It was not a promising start. Still I purchased at various sites and crossed my fingers.

The great news so far is that to date all the products I have tried (Cocoro, Knix, others ..) work very well absorbing moderate period bleeding and are super easy to wash. It is true that "cheaper" panties sites abound online without clear information on product, their origin, or their materials (sometimes even with misleading information). Also there are some great brands outside of Europe such as Knix or Shethinxs or Aisle but paying import duties and waiting a month or more is not practical for most EU-based menstruators.

The best thing about period underwear is not noticing that you're not wearing it. Because of Redpanti I now spend a lot of time thinking about periods. Despite this, since I use period underwear a key benefit is being able to forget about my period. The combination of menstrual cup and menstrual underwear is unbeatable in terms of comfort and best for sleeping, for exercising, for working, for going to the shops, for taking care of my children, in short, for pretty much everything so far. I have found that with 4 or 5 sets and one load of machine-washing (30 ºC) in the middle of my period is all I need. I already forgot what it was like to wear pantyliners (and tampons and sanitary pads) and the small mountain of period garbage that I created every month. I am more zen and the planet also appreciates it.