Reflections from one teenager on her period and menstrual cup

Who hasn't had a bad time with their period?

Instead of hating it, look at it as a superpower. I imagine that I am not the only one who has thought that it was a punishment, that at 12 years it is the greatest misfortune of your life, perhaps because it has always been hidden and has been treated as a taboo subject. Hiding pads and juggling tampons is now routine.

Menstruation regularly affects half the population and generates large amounts of waste that are difficult to recycle, so it is in our hands to reduce it.

We are facing a world in which the importance of sustainability is increasingly important and the rule of the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is increasingly present.

For this reason, I consider it vitally important to give menstruation a more sustainable approach, whether through the menstrual cup, menstrual panties, menstrual sponges or reusable pads.

The menstrual cup has opened my eyes to a different way of enjoying my menstruation.

Not only does it make me feel cleaner, but also more comfortable. No more moving your legs to see if the pad is on properly!

I am 16 years old and have had my period for 5 years, but I had never dared to try the cup and that is because we are usually afraid of the unknown.

Tell me, how many people do you know who use the cup? The answer can probably be counted on the fingers of the hands. Many people are unaware of this product, as they do not have much visibility in the market and it is normal to start talking about more traditional products. Another reason, the price, since in the short term it seems like a lot of money. It is actually a product that, if you use it frequently, ends up being much cheaper, since it lasts at least 10 years.

At first it may be scary, but the menstrual cup is a great product for the period

It lasts 10 years and saves you a lot of money, which helps your pocket. In addition, the OrganiCup Mini is great to take anywhere, as it comes with a very comfortable and beautiful cloth bag. It is ideal for teenagers, since its size is very adaptable, although it seems that it is more difficult to insert than a tampon, the reality is that it does not and it hurts less than you imagine. To remove it, you need patience, you pinch it and take it out little by little, you empty it and you can put it back. It is of good quality, because the touch of the silicone is soft and does not contain products that are harmful to our body, so it is impossible for it to cause dryness or infections.