About Redpanti

Redpanti is a project that seeks to promote the use of reusable menstrual products.

At Redpanti we aim to improve the lives of women and all people who menstruate by offering better alternatives to disposable period products.

The reusable products you will find at Redpanti work better, provide more comfort, and are cheaper than single-use products such as tampons and pads.

Our objective is twofold: to reduce our environmental impact and improve people's lives.

We can improve the environment by purchasing even just one reusable product. Most of us menstruate every month for around 40 years, that is a lot of tampons and pads that will never have to see a landfill!

Up to 90% of period products are made of plastic, including both the package and its contents. The decomposition of these materials can take up to 1,000 years. This plastic ends up in our water, we later ingest it which could have harmful effects in the future.

We are amid a climate emergency as well as experiencing a wave of change as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We have the opportunity to re-evaluate our lifestyles and find more sustainable alternatives.

From personal frustration to a platform that helps others

The idea for Redpanti came from my frustration and subsequent research to find an easy way to replace the use of panty liners.

It had been several months since I started using a menstrual cup (one of the best decisions I had made in quite some time), but I was tired of needing to buy pads for light days and additional protection.

I believed then, and even more today, that it should be very easy to find a pair of good absorbent underwear for lighter flow days. I needed a solution.

I underestimated the difficulty of this challenge. I later realized the category, "menstrual underwear" did not exist in stores. Why not? This certainly needs to be remedied.

After hours of researching and comparing alternative products and brands, I decided I wanted to put these efforts towards helping others. It was then I decided to start Redpanti.

At Redpanti we look for products and companies that share our goals: to be better for people and the environment. The products at Redpanti are highly reliable. The materials and their properties are clearly stated with tested results. And details of the product's origin and the company’s ethical practices are also available.

If you feel overwhelmed or in doubt about these potential changes, this is normal. My goal is not for you to go from using 0 to 100% reusable period products (this is actually very difficult), but rather help you make small changes at a pace that is right for you. I hope to guide you on your journey to a more sustainable period.

A hug,

Laura Guerra

Humble founder at Redpanti


Laura - Redpanti