Which re-usable period product to choose?

Compare across re-usable products and choose the right one for you with some tips and suggestions.

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Complement with insertable product

Complement with insertable product

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What options are there?

Menstrual Cups

The menstrual cup already is a standard period product, if you are not yet familiar with it, it is really worth giving it a try.

If you experience heavy menstrual flow there is no better option.

There are already many good brands of menstrual cups so you can be confident that you will choose well.

Below are some key things to consider:

Menstrual Cup


Manufacturers typically offer 2 or 3 different sizes, which are not standard across brands. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the right size for you (each brand has slightly different guidelines). If you don’t get the size of your cup right the first time it is no big deal as most manufacturers offer a free exchange.


Most menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicone. This is a non-toxic material, which is soft and very long lasting. There are some cheaper versions made of plastic too.


There are many brands of menstrual cup, both international and local brands. Some examples: Ruby cup, Diva cup, Mooncup, Organicup, Naturcup, Intimina Cup. The good news is that you can buy cups in stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. All brands offer a very similar product and with many guarantees which is great for us, the users. Make sure that guarantees are part of the product you finally choose..


Some cups are sold with a sterilising container, made of hard material and inside which you can place the cup with water and microwave boil between each period. Other cups are sold with a cotton storage bag. Some come in 2 cup packs. Having two cups can be useful as this allows you to change your dirty cup for a clean one when in a public toilet or without access to water for rinsing.

Tip: If you are undecided still, a way to break the inertia can be to buy a cheap supermarket label product, for example the Mercadona cup costs less than 10 EUR. Once you have experienced a cup you can decide if you want to trade for a higher quality product.

Menstrual Underwear

Use of menstrual underwear is growing which is to be expected as they are very comfortable and much better alternative to throw-away products. They trap menstrual fluids and smells and in case you are wondering: they are absolutely nothing like nappies!

Perfect for medium or light menstrual flow.

They can be worn all day or night without causing irritation. They can also be used to complement the menstrual cup throughout your period.

There are some formats that absorb abundant menstrual flow and are definitely worth trying if you do not want or cannot use the menstrual cup.

Unlike with the menstrual cup there are not many brand options.

Watch-out: some webpages offer menstrual underwear with specific characteristics, for example, made with bamboo fibre and if you purchase their products, they are not what was promised, in this case with no bamboo fibres. Oftentimes these products take a long time to arrive also as they are imported directly from China. You will find none of these products at Redpanti.

At Redpanti we provide accurate information on what you buy, their origin, properties and materials. You can trust all our brands.

Below is a comparison of the main brands on our site:




Main Material

Organic cotton

80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Organic cotton or Modal

Product duration

>2 years

2-5 years

>2 years


Tangas, Briefs and Culottes with different absorption levels

Seamless briefs and boy-short.

Briefs with different levels of absorption.





Which product for light period flow?


No option

Brief for light flow

Which product for heavy period flow?

Culotte maximum absorption.

Can try briefs which absorb up to 2 tampons.

Brief for heavy flow absorbs up to 4 tampons.

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Spain / Europe

France / Tunisia

U.K. / China