Menstrual Cup - Ruby Cup
Copa Menstrual Ruby Cup - Redpanti
Menstrual Cup - Ruby Cup

Menstrual Cup - Ruby Cup

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Biodegradable medical grade silicone menstrual cup.

Usable for up to 8 continuous hours.

The Ruby Cup has full satisfaction or money-back/ exchange guarantee for 120 days post purchase.

You can save more than 450 euros and replace over 1,800 tampons in 10 years, the average life-cycle of this product.

You will avoid generating 50 kg of plastic and 53 kg of CO2 emissions by not using disposable products for your period.

The cup can collect up to 34 ml(medium) or 24 ml(small) of blood during each use. This is equivalent to about 3 or 4 tampons.

Size Guide

The Ruby Cup comes in two sizes: small and medium.

  • The small is best for those with a light flow or a low cervix.
  • The medium is best for those with a heavy flow or high cervix.

If you have doubts about which size is right for you, please see this guide.

Product Use and Care

If you are using the menstrual cup for the first time, you can find more information here.

Monthly cleaning:

Clean and sterilize the cup before and after your period each month.

  1. Rinse the cup
  2. Boil it in a bowl of water for 3 minutes.

You can also use the Ruby Clean, for more convenience.

After boiling, let it dry and store it in the cotton bag that is included.

During your period:

Empty the contents and rinse with water before inserting it again. If it is not possible to wash the cup, you can use a tissue or toilet paper to clean it instead.


Do not wash your cup with scented soap as this can alter its natural pH.

Never boil the cup for more than 10 minutes (we recommend only 3 minutes), as this will damage the silicone.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping available throughout Spain. Delivery in 2-3 business days.

If you have any problem with your purchase, please contact us at

Ruby Cup has full satisfaction or money-back/ exchange guarantee for 120 days post purchase.

    Learn More

      Ruby Cup

      Ruby Cup does not use plastic. It is both vegan and zero-waste!

      For every Ruby Cup purchased, Ruby Cup gives a menstrual cup to someone who menstruates within the countries in the "Buy One, Give One" campaign.

      Since it was founded in 2012, Ruby Cup has distributed more than 100,000 free menstrual cups in 40 countries. Ruby Cup works with local organizations to give a more extensive education on menstrual care and reproductive health. They also provide Ruby Cups with tutorials on how to use them so users can manage their periods with greater safety, privacy, and dignity.

      The company's objectives include acting ethically and achieving a positive impact on the environment and on society.

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